Issues after updating to Unity 5


I’ve just updated my current 2d project to Unity 5 and I’m having some issues (I’m working on a mac):

  • The gamepad (XBox 360 Controller) is not working properly. It only works if I start Unity with the gamepad already on. If the gamepad turns off while Unity is open it stops working. I have to restart Unity to make it work.
  • The colliders on pretty much all of my prefabs are messed up. I will have to redefine them all. Has something changed on that regard on Unity 5?
  • I have a weird FPS behaviour. The game that before was running smoothly is now having a lot of FPS variation. The FPS values are weird as well. It goes from 120 up to 780. It’s really inconsistent.

Is anybody having the same issues?
Any clues on how can I fix them?

Thank you!

I think I found at least a partial solution. I’ve been having the same problem since 5.0 (now 5.1.1f1) where unity won’t detect my wired Xbox controller on mac. I found that if my Wacom tablet is plugged in while unity starts up it seems to block the controller from being detected. The only thing I’ve found to work is unplug the Wacom, restart Unity (with the xbox controller already plugged in!) then I can plug the wacom back in like normal. Hope this helps someone else whos having issues! Try unplugging USB peripherals and restarting unity with the controllers plugged in. Best of luck!