Issues importing AudioClip at runtime using WWW class


I am having an issue with loading in an OGG audio file to my project. Basically I want to set my game up so that players can drop audio files into a folder called Playlist in the game directory then they can listen to this music while they play.

For some reason my audio clip never becomes instantiated. I have an Audio Source in my scene with this script attached to it.

As you can see I have commented out some code for the time being as I am trying to get a simple case of only 1 audio file playing at this stage.

So my question is what exactly am I doing wrong here? I have printed out the file path and it comes out as file://B:/Users/Matt/Development/Unity Projects/Space Game/Playlist/19_Tumbling_Dice.ogg which is the location to my audio.

However when I print out the it comes out as blankā€¦

public class MP3AudioImporter : MonoBehaviour {
	private List<string> playlist;
	private string musicDir = "B:/Users/Matt/Development/Unity Projects/Space Game/Playlist/";
	private int currIndex = 0;
	void Start()
		string[] songs = Directory.GetFiles(@musicDir, "*.ogg", SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly);
		playlist = new List<string>(songs);
	void StartAudio()
		WWW audioLoader = new WWW("file://" + playlist[currIndex]);

		audio.clip = audioLoader.audioClip;
		if (currIndex > playlist.Count)

			currIndex = 0;
		Invoke("StartAudio", audio.clip.length + 0.5f);

You have to wait for the WWW to complete before you try and access the data. The documentation has an example you can copy. Also, there is a WWW.GetAudioClip function you can use to try and start accessing the audio before its fully loaded.