Issues Pausing My App

When I try to pause my game, either by losing focus on the app or calling Application.Quit(), my app pauses/closes but behaves strangely and logs certain warnings/errors.

This is logged occasionally:

E/Unity: Error trying to call delegated method pause. null

This is logged every time:

W/ActivityManager: Activity pause timeout for ActivityRecord{MY ACTIVITY INFO HERE}

W/PackageManager: Failure retrieving resources for com.example.unitytest: Resource ID #0x0

W/Unity: Timeout while trying to pause the Unity Engine.

In addition, my onApplicationPause()/onApplicationQuit() functions are never called on my GameObjects (which are always active and solely contain Debug.Log statements). Any ideas for why this may be happening?

I can also replicate these errors, but I don’t seem to be having any issues with getting my onApplicationPause() code to run.

These errors only seem to happen if VR Supported == True.