Issues with 2D lights abd Universal RP


I’m creating a 2d game and using Universal RP for lights and shadows.

On the scene view, the light shows perfectly, but on the game view some objects don’t illuminate correctly.

On the image, the floor is a sprite just like the others, the only difference is that I rotate the X to make a perspective effect, but the lights don’t behave the same way as they do in the scene view and they don’t behave the same way as they do in sprites that aren’t rotated.

Any ideas?


Probably has something to do with camera culling distances, because the scene camera and the game camera are different.

Try moving your game camera backwards(in z axis in 2d) and/or reducing its close culling distance and vice versa. Moving the lights closer to the sprites in the z axis may also be required

PS: to check what your lights are doing in your game view, use the window>analysis>frame debugger in the top menu

Thank you. Helped a lot.

The problem probably was on the angle of the rotation and distance from the lights.

It’s not exactly the same of the scene view now, but it’s better.


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