issues with animation :(

hia, im still new to Unity and im having some problems. I made a walking animation for my character in first person so it looks like hes walking. It moves the player camera up and down to give a simple “walking” look and for some reason it wont play when i walk like its supposed to. The script is:

#pragma strict

function Update ()

if (Input.GetButtonDown ("Horizontal"))


And i get this error:

Assets/walking_and_running.js(8,27): BCE0034: Expressions in statements must only be executed for their side-effects.

I have tried to find out what this means but i cant. I have the script and the animation both put in the Main Camera of the player. Also, when i set the animation to auto play to test out how it looks, the animation only flows once and it pushes the player into the ground.

Please help and thanks :slight_smile:


should be