Issues with charactermotor over network

I feel like I’m hitting every roadblock in networking with unity >_<. Anyway, I’m having a really weird issue where either the client or server loses the ability to control their own character in game. Sometimes they’re able to be unstuck by continually trying to move, but rarely. Usually one will be stuck at a time, sometimes it’s both and then one unsticks after a bit. The players are moving by unity’s charactermotor, and I’m pretty sure it’s not the interpolation, etc. because the dummy/remote characters are moving fine (they don’t move when the real one can’t move!). It’s the real ones that can’t! Here’s some code for my network instantiate:

function OnNetworkInstantiate (msg : NetworkMessageInfo)


//This is our own player

if (networkView.isMine)

networkTransform.enabled = false;

GetComponent("HeadLook2").enabled = true;

GetComponent("MouseLook").enabled = true;

GetComponent("MultiCharAnimController").enabled = true;

GetComponent("CharacterMotor").enabled = true;

GetComponent("FPSInputController").enabled = true;

inventoryManager.enabled = true;

Debug.Log("I has this stuff" + name + networkView.viewID);


//This is a dummy/remote controlled player



name += "Remote";

GetComponent("MultiCharAnimController").enabled = true;

GetComponent("MultiCharAnimController").dummy = true;






networkTransform.enabled = true;



Everything seems alright for this setup, because most scripts are disabled and then enabled when they need to be. I debugged quite a bit and found that the player is literally moving nowhere in charactermotor. Does anyone have any ideas or come across weird sticking/stuck real players?

I ended up making two types of prefabs, one for the local player and another prefab for dummy players. This eliminated the problem entirely of the “sticking” in controls. I also didn’t notice the issue when making another scene (I was in a test scene at the time). So, mystery not really solved, but another solution worked.