Issues with Collider (infinite loading, character with collider passing through objects)


Hello, all

I am new to Unity and VR and am currently working on creating VR project using Unity 2021.3.10f1 and Meta Quest 2.
In my project, I used XR Interaction Toolkit (2.5.0) and applied it to SMPL-X model for full body tracking and tracking.

I attached the photo of my project.

The goal of this proejct is for me to be the SMPL-X model in VR settings and to create a heatmap of collision when I(SMPL-X model) interact with an object (washer) in VR.

However, I am dealing with two serious issues with creating collider on my SMPL-X model (or Mixamo character) for three weeks.

  1. When I put collider on my SMPL-X model or Mixamo character and enter play mode, my Oculus keeps showing that it’s reading Unity…
    I think it enters an infinite loop but I don’t know why. It is a serious concern for me cuz I cannot check my project using Oculus at all.

  2. Another issue is that even if I put collider on my model (either SMPL-X or Mixamo), the model passes through the object(washer).
    When I tested the objects (washer and cube), they successfully collide with each other. So I guess that issue has something to do with putting colider on my model (either SMPL-X or Mixamo).

If anyone can give me advice or solutions to this issue, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you!

P.S. I don’t think I can upgrade the version of the Unity because of the plugin that we will use in the future for our project. It recommends us to work with Unity version 2021.3.10f.