Issues with EventSystem RaycastAll and VR in 5.4

Since 5.4 I’ve found that EventSystem.current.RaycastAll no longer works as expected within VR.
I’m using a combination of the EventSystem raycast and the Physics raycast. Physics is working as expected but the code I’ve always used for the EventSystem raycast is having issues.
I use:

Vector2 lookPosition;
 lookPosition.x = Screen.width/2;
 lookPosition.y = Screen.height/2;

 PointerEventData ped = new PointerEventData(EventSystem.current);
 ped.position = lookPosition;

 EventSystem.current.RaycastAll(ped, raycastResults);

It seems to only be getting a hit when looking about half a screen further up and to the right of the objects it should be hitting.
I’ve tried tweaking the lookPosition x and y’s but that has returned even more unpredictable results.

Any help would be great as this has broken the input systems for all my apps!

Just found the solution looking at this thread:

you can’t use Screen.width and height anymore you need to use eyeTextureWidth and height

lookPosition.x = VRSettings.eyeTextureWidth/2;
lookPosition.y = VRSettings.eyeTextureHeight / 2;