Issues with importing 3d model (fbx file) made from photogrammetry. Textures come out wrong.

Hi, I made a 3d model of a solar panel park in context capture using photogrammetry.
Now I’m trying to get it into Unity, but I have a problem with the textures.

This is the model in the windows “3d Viewer”:

This is how it looks when I put it into Unity:

Since I can only upload 2 attachments on here I’ve uploaded 2 more to imgur.

You can see the files in the folder (there’s 3 “texture” files for the fbx file)
You can also see the how the “texture” file looks and hopefully that can give some context.

If any additional info is needed please feel free to ask for it.
Any and all help is appreciated.

What I think is happening here is that your 3d program can handle 3 different textures or 3 different UV maps each assigned to a different texture, but Unity by default uses one texture on one UV map (you could create a custom shader with different textures assigned to different UV maps but that pretty advanced)

As a first step I would suggest checking your 3d program to see if there is an option to have everything on one texture instead of multiples, that way I think the import will work fine.