Issues with local position and positions

Im trying to figure out a way to have a child’s object match a game-objects position on the x only.

So far i have Vector3 pos = childObject.localPosition; //pos.x needs to eqaul NonChildObjects position on the X; //We also clamp x because we don't want it to travel outside of local positions 0 to 1 pos.x = mathf.clamp(pos.x, 0, 1); pos.y = 0; pos.z = 0; childobject.localPosition = pos;

Basically imagine a slider. So when my NonChildObject moves around. The child object(slider) is following the NonChildObject on the x axis up until its clamped. Hope this makes sense.

Any help, as always, is appreciated.

OK solved, those of you who may encounter this. Look into InverseTransformPoint, it converts an objects position into a local position. Clever little tool lol