Issues with Mecanim and climbing

Hi guys,

started using Unity 4 and im currently using some tutorials and have made a simple level with some platforms and a character with basic movement. Using Curves and the Mecanim tut I have made a regular jump where the character’s collider just raises a little up in line with the animation.
Now comes the hard part (for me at least) and I haven’t found an answer yet in all the searching:

How do i raise my character up when climbing a wall, like a jump up to the edge and pull up. I figure its to do with some box colliders, but I haven’t managed to raise my character up the level of the next platform/Ground to run on. Thanks

BUMP+More Info:

For example, the standard animations for the Unity4 Mecanim systems are different Parkour moves. there are some jumping over/on to objects. How would one use these animations in conjunction with moving the actual player model over/on to said object?