Issues with Unity Cloud Builds with MARS

Hello everyone,

We are having issues compiling an iOS build for a simple test project made with MARS and Unity 2021.2.4f.

It looks like the cloud build is unable to find the required MARS package files from the ContentPackages folder:

120: [Unity] [Package Manager] Done resolving packages in 32.69s seconds
121: [Unity] An error occurred while resolving packages:
122: [Unity] Project has invalid dependencies:
123: [Unity] com.unity.xr-content.mars-sim-environments: The file [/BUILD_PATH/[REDACTED].default-ios/ContentPackages\com.unity.xr-content.mars-sim-environments.tgz/package.json] cannot be found
124: [Unity] A re-import of the project may be required to fix the issue or a manual modification of /BUILD_PATH/[REDACTED].default-ios/Packages/manifest.json file.

The .tgz file is actually there with everything, but I noticed the url in the error log is wrong as the file is not in the main mars-sim-environments.tgz root but inside a package folder.

Do you know if we are doing something wrong? The project opens without issue in the Windows Unity Editor on Windows 10.


Hi, i'm have the same problem. Do you find some solution?

I've been able to reproduce this, so we'll try and get it fixed.

As a workaround you can remove the MARS Simulation Environments package from your project with either the Package Manager or Content Manager windows. This won't remove the environments, as they have been copied to your Assets folder, but should let cloud builds succeed.

Also, how are you triggering cloud builds? If via source control, which one?

I have this same issue in Unity 2021.2.16f. Cloud build for IOS. Plastic SCM. Can build fine for Android and Win 64.