It does not work with IOS to use TextPlaceholder in TouchScreenKeyboard.

The following is the code that I use.

public void OpenKeyboard()

TouchScreenKeyboardType kt;

         InputField.InputType inputType = _InputField.inputType;

         TouchScreenKeyboard.hideInput = true;

         kt = _InputField.keyboardType;

         string value = _InputField.text;

         bool IsInputHidden = _InputField.shouldHideMobileInput;

         string Local = "Any Place Here";

        TouchScreenKeyboard mKeyboard = TouchScreenKeyboard.Open (value, kt,! IsInputHidden && inputType == InputField.InputType.AutoCorrect,_InputField.multiLine &&! IsInputHidden, false, false, Local);


TextPlace will not be output in the IOS. Do you not be able to use the TextPlaceHolder to TouchScreenKeyBoard in IOS?

Having the same issue any way to do this on IOS?