(It is difficult to create a spore type modifier characters?) (Es dificil crear un modificador de personajes tipo spore?)

Bueno les hago esta pregunta ya que realmente no se si es muy dificil hacer algo como eso ya que asi lo parece. mas que nada quiero sacar esto de mi mente por que pense que vendria bien para hacerlo con naves espaciales y darle mas customizacion a la idea de un juego que tengo en mente.


Well I am asking this question because it really is not very difficult if you do something like that because it seems so. more than anything I get this out of my mind that I thought would be good to do with spacecraft and Customization give more to the idea of ​​a game I have in mind.

Ok I will try. I’m looking to replicate the system in which you drag the object and put it in model and you can also scale and rotate. like putting a small machine gun but in any place of the ship not a default place. Giving the game the possibility of custom ships.

Sorry for the bad inglish…

From what you’ve described, it sounds doable. Look into Instantiate, Raycast, RaycastHit, and the ScreenPointToRay in the scripting reference. To find similar issues on this site, try this search and this search.

The basic logic of it will go something like this:

  1. get the position of the mouse cursor in screen space and convert it to a raycast
  2. at that raycast’s hit point, get the normal (from RaycastHit)
  3. instantiate a prefab of the component you want at that location, with the correct orientation (from the surface normal mentioned in 2)

I hope this translates well enough. If you’re not familiar with these functions, try some tutorials first and read up on each of their entries in the scripting reference.

De lo que he descrito, lo que parece factible. Mira en 'Crear una instancia , Raycast , RaycastHit y el ScreenPointToRay en la referencia de script. Para encontrar problemas similares en este sitio, pruebe esta búsqueda y buscar en este.

La lógica básica de la que será algo parecido a esto:

  1. obtener la posición del cursor del ratón en el espacio de la pantalla y convertirla en un raycast
  2. en ese momento golpeó raycast, conseguir el normal (de RaycastHit)
  3. instancias de una casa prefabricada del componente que desea en ese lugar, con la orientación correcta (de la normal de la superficie mencionada en 2)

Espero que esto se traduce muy bien. Si usted no está familiarizado con estas funciones, pruebas algunos tutoriales primero y leer sobre cada una de sus entradas en la referencia de script.

hey thnx for that i think it gonna work the only problem its me ;p. im not programmer and i dont understand how to do that. Yhea i can spend hours modeling without getting bored but im really bad with scripts so thnx anyway im gonna keep this page for the future.

P.D 3 day and what i can say… Im bad in this.