it is possible to rename the mesh of the FBX file?

hi , so … I have a scene with more than 900 objects with name Mesh obj.001 , obj.002 , obj.003 … and I wanted to change the names to obj_001 , obj_002 , obj_003 … . but if I rename in Blender these names when I import it does not find the Mesh objects , I tried to look in the file * .prefab as HEX but did not succeed , so I was wondering if the rename these mesh in Unity or trough of some other program , to then just import the new FBX already renamed and be recognized , because it would give a lot of work have to get all objects, materials , names, collision and prefab all over again.

Sorry for the English and thank you.

I’ve got the same kind of problem. In my case I’ve got a light-mapped scene.
I’ve got to rename an object inside an fbx import.
I tried different way like : rename it first in unity, then in 3dsmax, and finally re-export the fbx.
But I can’t keep my lightmaps on that renamed object.

If someone had a solution i’d be so glad :slight_smile: