It may not be updated even if I appoint ExecuteInEditMode

I use ExecuteInEditMode.

I am editing it, and update is called.

However, Update of Editor is not called even if I change a window size of View.

I use width and height of Screen in Update.

When a window size of View changed, does not Update come to be called?

(By the way, it seems to be done call when I place a lot of objects.)

// ※For example, at the time of GUITexture
@script ExecuteInEditMode()
var m_Pixel : Vector2;
function Update () {
	transform.localPosition.x = m_Pixel.x / Screen.width;
	transform.localPosition.y = m_Pixel.y / Screen.height;

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

The editor get updates when user make interactions. For that reason it’s a bit awkward to use ExecuteInEditMode. If you really need something to be done every frame, you should look into making an Editor script for your object.