It only "pauses" if i keep pressing the key. help!

how can i pause my game with ONE click instead of keep pressing the space bar ??

i’m new to this so am pretty confused… this is the code

#pragma strict
var paused : boolean = false;

function Update () {
    if (Input.GetButtonUp("Jump")){ 
             Time.timeScale = 0;
             paused= true;
        }  else { 
                 paused = false;
                 Time.timeScale = 1;

use this instead

if (Input.GetKeyDown("Jump"))

With a click? Then change Input.GetButtonUp("Jump") to Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0).

I tried your code and the code works correct form me, are you sure your you don’t have 2 instances of the script in you game?

If you have 2 object with this script, one run of the code will pause it and the 2nd will unpause it.