It wont stay on the ground!!

Okey, so here’s the deal: (I am a beginner)

I’m trying to make a 2d car game, almost like “Hill climb racing”, but the car wont stay upon the gruond… It’s just falling through the ground.

I tried with both a “plane” and a self made ground.

please explain it easy so even a noobie can understand :slight_smile:

In order to have your car and the ground be able to collide with each other and detect the collision, you need to add collider components. Inside the inspector for the car and the ground, click add component → and whatever collider you wish to use.

Im not at all sure about 2d but in 3d game this is what could be the problem: I don’t know what you have attached to your car but if you have a mesh collider make sure that you check the Convex property. This property is for telling the collider and rigidbody that it should collide with the terrain.