Item not being taked off from the List

Hey guys. Could someone tell me why I can’t just remove an item from the list? This is making me get stuck in the loop. I execute the command but the item isn’t taked off. I also try closedList.Remove(current), without success.

 List<Node> AStar (Node initialNode, Node finalNode) {
    			openList = closedList = new List<Node>();
    			initialNode.G = 0;
    			initialNode.H = initialNode.GetH( finalNode );
    			int justToNotBreak = 0;
    			Node current = null;
    			for(int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
    				current = openList[0];
    				openList.RemoveAt(0); // why the print always return me 1 if I just deleted the one item that openList has?

             foreach(Node neighbor in current.Neighbors) {
					if(closedList.Contains(neighbor)) {
					Debug.Log("Neighbor is in closed list. Ignored.");
					} else {

What could be the reason to this to happen? I read that is something with the iteration. Can someone help me?
Thanks from now!

I think this is because your open list is actually the same as your closed list due to this line:

openList = closedList = new List();

You are adding the item from the openList to the closedList, but since the closedList is the same as the openList, the openList count does not really change.