Item pick up system

Hey, everybody! I was thinking about making a system for the player to pick up items off the ground, but I'm not sure how I want to do it. I was thinking about making a trigger sphere for each item that can be picked up and when the player enters the trigger a prompt appears. Let me know what ya think.

Yes that's a great idea. In fact we could something like if player enters the item pickup radius, pressing the A button (or any assigned button) would pick up the item, not like a on screen prompt which would disturb the gameplay.
When player enters, we could make a UI label active at the bottom right of screen saying

I recommend checking out the inventory PR started by [mention|Lg0CuIpbhAJNORilYzqNOw==] to coordinate how items go into the inventory. Also review the UI wireframing thread to get a feel for how this suggestion might fit in.