iTextSharp on iOS with IL2CPP : error


When I compile with Mono, everything works fine, but when I compile with IL2CPP, I get this error:

ArgumentException: No message found for

The line that causes this error is: doc.Add(new Paragraph(new Chunk(" "));
(a test)

In the log, after the exception log, I get a lot of messages : “No message found for”

I don’t understand those messages at all, really… do you have any idea what they mean?

I’m using Unity 4.6.2f1 on a MAC (an old project, I don’t want to create bugs by updating Unity too much…)

Thanks in advance,


It works with Unity v4.6.9.
Sorry for this question :s

…(I’m so happy, you don’t know how many time I’ve tested :smiley: )