iTunesConnect says app size can be 50MB and AppStore Guidelines say no more than 20?

AppStore Review Guidelines vs ITunes Developer Guide( both appear to be current)

App Store Review Guidelines under FUNCTIONALITY says apps larger than 20MB in size will not download over cellular Networks and will be rejected.

iTunes Developer Guidelines(FOR IOS ONLY) says Apps can be as large as 2GB but be aware of download times.
Remember there is a 50MB limit for Over the Air downloads.

Does anybody know the correct answer? My app when download on a iPhone4 is 48.4 MB the .ipa file is 20.3MG
Can anyone explain why the discrepancy? and am I OK to submit or is my app to big?


The OTA limit used to be 20MB, now it’s 50MB. Apps will never be rejected for size and never have been, nor do the review guidelines say anything like that. Aside from the upper limit being 2GB.