iTween Camera Jitter while moving on path

Bob, I must say iTween is incredible and extremely valuable and useful to developers like me. Thanks again for your hard work and essentially gifting it to the community.

However, I’m putting the finishing touches on a game I’ve spent a good 6-7 months on and finding that I just cannot get the camera movement to be smooth when using MoveTo() on a path. I haven’t had the patience or time to create a unitypackage to replicate this for you or anyone to look at yet. I’m basically issuing MoveTo with orientToPath=true, lookTime between 0 and 1 sec, and lookAhead set to 0.01f to 0.05f.

The jitter is noticeable and badly detracts from the experience. I have tried several different things to solve this without luck, from modifying range of lookAhead, lookTime, speed, all with orientToPath=true.

This occurs both in the Mac Unity Editor as well as on the iPad (iOS 5.0, 5.1). I am still using Unity 3.4.2 before I upgrade to 3.5 after I ship.

I thought perhaps my having added rigidbodies to the Camera for collision detection might be causing the jittter, but removing those has no effect.

I hope you or someone can reflect on this problem and suggest a solution. If there is more information needed to help diagnose this, please ask and I will try to provide it. Thanks in advance for any help on this issue. I’d really like to release a beautifully panning camera motion in my game (using iTween) ASAP!


Yes, I solved it. You just need to make the Camera a child of the object that iTween moves on a path.

Hi! I’ve the same problem :(, did u solved it?