itween cameraFadeTo not working

Hi its not like i m using itween for thr first time…but

iTween.CameraFadeFrom(1, .3f);

this line is showing following error

iTween Error: You must first add a camera fade object with CameraFadeAdd() before atttempting to use camera fading.
iTween:CameraFadeFrom(Hashtable) (at Assets/iTween/Plugins/iTween.cs:291)
iTween:CameraFadeFrom(Single, Single) (at Assets/iTween/Plugins/iTween.cs:235)
MenuScreen:Start() (at Assets/Scripts/MenuScreen.cs:25)

what i am supposed to do to make this thing work or is there any other alternative for camera fade effect other then itween in unity

Thanks in advance

It’s been a long time since I used iTween but I remeber having to set that function first like this:

iTween.CameraFadeFrom(1, .3f);