Itween CRSpline to BezQuad

Hello, I’m making a game in college and I’m using ITween path (CRSpline), but need something more fluid, I saw that in ITween, Bob Berkebile used the code for CRSpline in this post written by Andeeee

Is there any way to implement the QuadBez inside ITween, or some other similar solution? :slight_smile:

public class QuadBez {

public Vector3 st, en, ctrl;

public QuadBez(Vector3 st, Vector3 en, Vector3 ctrl) { = st;
	this.en = en;
	this.ctrl = ctrl;

public Vector3 Interp(float t) {
	float d = 1f - t;
	return d * d * st + 2f * d * t * ctrl + t * t * en;

public Vector3 Velocity(float t) {
	return (2f * st - 4f * ctrl + 2f * en) * t + 2f * ctrl - 2f * st;

alt text

Check out this post on my blog, I think it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Thanks! Worked great!!! Im very happy now :smiley: