iTween :: fading out an empty with Children

hi there!

i have an Empty with two planes as children. this prefab is instantiated by script and should be destroyed the same way. before destroying i want it to be faded out. The Empty only has a Transform, a BoxCollider and a Script. I added a Renderer to use iTween on it, but when i fade the gameObject out its not faded, only destroyed.

function removeCard()
    iTween.fadeTo(gameObject,{"alpha":0, "time":.3, "delay":1, "onComplete":"destroy"});

function destroy():void{

shurely it is because the fade is working on the Empty only, not on its children. but is there a way to fade out the whole group of a parent and its children?


o.k. ttahts the deal: set your Material to Transparent/Diffuse. now its working!