iTween, HOTween, Spline Controller and Others

Hi, guys:

I need to know which one of these systems fits best my needs. I have tested iTween, and i have installed HOTween and SPline Controller and took a look at both. WHat i need is to draw a path very accurately on an existing circuit. After that i need to move a few objects following that path with dynamically changing speeds.

As i said i tried iTween, because it has a visual path editor very useful to draw the path on an existing reference bitmap of the circuit. But iTween has 2 big problems:

  • The visual path editor allows me to set the number of nodes in the path, but if i need to remove or add a new one between them after they are created, then i must delete all of them from that point until the end point. It only lets me add new nodes at the end.
  • After a curve is created between 2 nodes, the bezier is calculated, but if you move any node (adjust the position after it is created in (0, 0, 0)) the bezier will not fit correctly because it tries to keep its original parameters. The curve is created indeed and when you move it, the curve adjusts to fit the new location but it’s not always right.


You can see the distortion on bezier curves on the node marked inside the yellow circle.

HOTween has no visual path editor at all, Spline Controller neither, so this is a handicap for me.

In your opinion what’s the best of these systems? Do you know any other tool for the mentioned purposes or a combination of them?

Well, i have edited iTween so i can add intermediate points to path, so this problem is not happening anymore.