iTween(JS version) could not be used in Unity iPhone?

I use iTween(JS version) in my Program,it's can be used in Unity iPhone,but it's wrong when I install program into iPhone.The wrong message is

2010-07-14 02:20:42.201 AcientHunter[431:207] -> registered unity classes 2010-07-14 02:20:42.341 AcientHunter[431:207] -> registered mono modules -> applicationDidFinishLaunching() Failed to load AOT module '9f07d33c48f1e46799923200ddd17215' while running in aot-only mode because a dependency cannot be found or it is out of date.

Currently JS code can't be called from C# (other calling direction is OK), that might be cause for your problem.

Thank you for your answer,As you said,the reason of my question is js code can't be called form C# in Unity iPhone.I must be try another idea.Thank you!!!!

Why not just use the C# version of iTween? That way you can just avoid this issue by using a similar language and avoid the cross-language issues.