iTween Memory Game Demo

I need to get the iTween memory demo to work on the iPhone, it works find as a stand alone or a webby, I can't seem to find a reason why it shouldn't work on the iPhone. It locks up right after it starts. I've tried both the Java and the C# versions same results. I am using iTween 2.0. on an iPhone 4 running 4.2.

Thanks for the help.


It's not locking up. The iTween examples were never meant to be used on the iPhone but you can get them working with a little work. Add this to the BoardControl.cs to get you started:

void Update(){
    foreach (Touch touch in Input.touches) {
        if(touch.phase == TouchPhase.Began){
             Ray ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay(touch.position);
            RaycastHit hit;
            if (Physics.Raycast (ray,out hit,1000)) {