iTween Method Not Found error


I’m trying to get iTween to work with Java. I have installed iTween.cs in a plugins folder at the root of my Assets folder. I have also created a folder for scripts at the root. My directories look like this:

Project/Assets/Plugins & Project/Assets/Scripts

I made a test script, and attach it to a cube.

function Start () {

iTween.moveTo(gameObject,{"x":1.7, "time":2});


and it compiles fine, but when play is pressed, nothing happens, and I get error:

MissingMethodException: Method not found: ‘iTween.moveTo’.

I tried the same setup on two different win7 machines, and both have the error. The cs sample scripts play fine though.

What did I miss? Any help much appreciated!

If I were mean, I’d just tell you that if you hear hoof beats think horses, not zebras. But I’m a nice guy, so it’s MoveTo, not moveTo. (source)

function Start ()
iTween.MoveTo(gameObject,{“x”:1.2, “time”:10});
it’s work .