iTween moveby constrained by rigidbody constraints in Unity 5

I have a character with a rigidbody component, the rigidbody has it’s x axis position constrained via the checkbox in the rigidbody component. In Unity 4 I was able to use itween MoveTo to move my character left and right along the x axis, iTween would essentially ignore the x constraint for movements.

In Unity 5, iTween cannot move the character along the x axis. iTween seems to now be constrained by the rigidbody x axis position constraint. Anyone know of a workaround?


I think I found a work around for this. In the iTween script there is a check to see if your GameObject has a RigidBody. If its does then it uses physics it switches the tween to FixedUpdate, this was causing my issues. Search for //non-physics or //physics in the iTween.cs script and adjust as needed.

As a test I just inverted the cases for //non-physics i used:
If(isRunning && physics){

and for //physics i used:
If(isRunning && !physics){