iTween... moving in a closed path, in loop, no delay

I am new to unity and to iTween. I am trying to make an object move in a path, in loop, with no delay.

Imagine the path as a circle and the object moves along this circle constantly with no delay, smoothly.

I created a path with 9 nodes. Each node is over a circle, every 45 degrees. The first node is at 0 degrees in the circle and the last one at 360 degrees, that is the same starting point. I was not sure if should have this 9th node or stop at the 8th node…

Then I added this line to the object

iTween.MoveTo(gameObject, iTween.Hash("path", iTweenPath.GetPath("zero"), "time", 5, "loopType", "loop", "orientToPath", true, "delay", 0));

I was expecting this to be smooth, but it runs the loop, waits about 2 seconds, runs it again, etc. and the movement is not linear it is more like accelerating at the start and breaking at the end.

Is there a way to create a perfect loop with any path using iTween?

In this case the path was a circle but I intend to use it on different paths, always closed ones.


bump - (I have the same problem)

You need to add - “easetype”, iTween.EaseType.linear to the Hash as without it iTween will default to easeOutExp.