iTween multiple path?

Hi, I tried to create several iTweens in one function but it doesn’t seem to work, can someone help me … thank you.

My code is :

iTween.MoveTo(cubeEnemy2,iTween.Hash("path",iTweenPath.GetPath("CubePath2"),"Time",3,"EaseType",iTween.EaseType.linear, "looptype", iTween.LoopType.pingPong));
		iTween.MoveTo(cubeEnemy1,iTween.Hash("path",iTweenPath.GetPath("Cubey"),"Time",5,"EaseType",iTween.EaseType.linear, "looptype", iTween.LoopType.pingPong));

It seems that they only execute one tween per one object, then what if I want to create multiple tweens inside one script?
Many many thanks!

I can’t get anyone to comment on multiple iTween paths either? Let me know if you find out how to have more than one path in a scene.