itween on all gameobjects in array: last one doesn't finish tween

hi there!

i have an array of gameobjects and I want to scale them all in a row by itween. so I put up this code

foreach(GameObject icon in allQuestIcons) {
        if(icon != null) {
            ScaleUpSprite(icon, 1.5f, 1f, .1f*indx);


void ScaleUpSprite(GameObject toScaleObject, float amnt, float tme, float dly)
        Vector3 scaleVector = new Vector3(amnt,amnt,0);
        iTween.ScaleFrom(toScaleObject,iTween.Hash("scale",scaleVector, "delay", dly, "time",tme, "oncomplete", "ResetScale"));

but the last gameobject in the array never finishes its tween.

can anybody tell me why?


How far does it get? What's in your ResetScale method?