iTween Path and Samsung Gear VR

I’m using iTween Path to move the camera around my scene. It works fine if I play it in Unity or even if I export it as a simple apk file and load on any device, but if I put the phone in the vr device it stops moving, it just stands in one spot while everything else works.

I’ve tried assigning iTween to other objects and they do not work either. Using Vector3.Lerp works.

What could be the problem?
The phone is Samsung Galaxy s6.

This what solved it, taken from unity manuals

The camera transform is overridden
with the head-tracked pose. To move or
rotate the camera, attach it as a
child of another GameObject. This
makes it so that all transform changes
to the parent of the camera will
affect the camera itself. This also
applies to moving or rotating the
camera using a script.

Will you please post an example?

I have the same problem I’m using the “Slided” asset, It moves ok on editor, but won’t run with Gear VR.

I placed the camera under a new object called “CamRig” but I get the error saying a script is trying to acces the cam on CamRig but it doesn’t have a cam attached to it.

I’m also using a Galaxy S6