iTween Punch too Punchy

In my project I am using the punch class to animate the sequence that the computer is showing that the player needs to mimic. There is only one problem, the punch is too “punchy”. Essentially while it is recovering from the first punch, if it is punched again (as if the sequence was 1-1-2, it would only look like 1-2 because the second “1” is absorbed by the bounce of the first one. Is there a way to remedy this without using two MoveTo commands?

Thanks in advance!

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class SequenceNode : MonoBehaviour {

public void Bounce () {
Debug.Log("Bouncing"+" node");

I realized that if you reduce the length of the animation to about .75 or .5 it reduces to "bleeding into another animation on the same game object. Still incase anyone has this question, they can have the answer that I figured out!