Itween roatation is not working properly on low configuration pc with 2gb ram

Hi everyone I was working on a fortune wheel It is working fine on almost every device, However when it comes to low-end pc I mean really low-end pc with 2 GB ram and dual-core processors, the wheel is not working as expected. Please watch this video it only 18 sec -fortuene-wheel-problem_eigRo8JZ_YNA4 (2).mp4 - Google Drive
you will get a clear idea of it

If you watch the video closely the wheel rotation starts from left to right and suddenly change the direction at the end

public IEnumerator Spin(int wheelNo, string imageXfactor)
_nextWheelNo = wheelNo;
if (_currentWheelNo == _nextWheelNo)
_customAngle = 0;
else if (_currentWheelNo > _nextWheelNo)
_customAngle = Mathf.Abs(_currentWheelNo - _nextWheelNo) / 10f;
_customAngle = Mathf.Abs(10 - (_nextWheelNo - _currentWheelNo)) / 10f;


        if (!_isStarted)
            _isStarted = true;
            _customAngle = noOfRounds + _customAngle;
// this is responible for the rotation of the wheel
            iTween.RotateBy(_fortuneWheel, iTween.Hash("z", -_customAngle, "time", _wheelTime, "easetype", easetype));
            iTween.MoveTo(_awardImages[_currentImageIndex], iTween.Hash("position", _centerPos, "time", _wheelTime, "easetype", easetype));
            isSpinning = true;
            yield return new WaitForSeconds(_wheelTime);
            _fortuneWheel.transform.eulerAngles = new Vector3(0, 0, angles[wheelNo]);
            isSpinning = false;
            _lastImageIndex = _currentImageIndex;
            _customAngle = noOfRounds - _customAngle;
            _currentWheelNo = _nextWheelNo;
        for (int i = 0; i < _awardImages.Length; i++)
            if (i == _currentImageIndex) continue;
            _awardImages*.transform.parent = _content.transform;*

_isStarted = false;
if (onSpinComplete != null)

I have downloaded your video, and used this web to make it 10 times slower

and I can tell you 100% that the wheel always runs in the same direction, but at the start is running 1 frame per number, and later atleast 8 or 9, so my only sugestion is using other pc, or if you need the app to run in low end pcs to do some performance