iTween Shake intensity issues

I am currently calling a Camera Shake using iTween.ShakeRotation . I want it to feel like you are standing on the deck of a ship, slowly swaying back and forth. When I modify the amount and the time I get only one intensity. Extremely violent. Either very fast oscillations (between 5 degrees) or if I pump up the magnitude, I get very fast oscillations between 30 degrees.

It does shake but I can’t seem to turn down the intensity. Can anyone assist?

	public float ShakeX;
	public float ShakeY;
	public float ShakeZ;
	public float ShakeTime;
	public float ShakeDuration;

void tween(){
		iTween.ShakeRotation(gameObject,new Vector3(ShakeX,ShakeY,ShakeZ), ShakeDuration);		    			

Rather than use a shake you’re going to want to lerp the camera between one vector and another. This will give you fine grain control over both the “violence” and the exact path.