itween stop audio playing

hi everyone im having a look at itween and at the momment its giving me a headach, maybe im not thinking straight. so basically i want to find out how to check that the tween or the end of the path stops so that i can stop the sudio as well.

im going to split my suido up into two parts one for start and stop and the sound in the middle,(its a lift) but for the life of me cant find out how to check when its stopped.

i can raise the pitch and delay but thats because of the examples anyone know what the line of code would be, oh its in c sharp as well

ITween.(your tween function)(this.gameObject, iTween.Hash(“oncomplete”, “function name”, “onstart”, “function string”));

The “oncomplete” and “onstart” are hashtags which you can use to call functions. for example

iTween.Hash("oncomplete", "PrintEndOfTween"); 
PrintEndOfTween(){ print("Tween ended");}.

Hope it helped. Oh and you can also add parameters if you simply add “oncompleteparams” tag to it

O yeah one more detail to add. I mainly program in c# so this too is a c# example. But I dont expect it to differ from javascript.