iTween Visual Editor Event Call from C# to Javascript

I realize what I am asking, I will learn C# soon, but is there any one thats willing to give a couple seconds of their time to help me figure out how to write an iTween event call in Javascript? I know how to write Javascript pretty well. I’m lost with c# currently :stuck_out_tongue:

//Do i need to define this in Javascipt? What is its function?
public class StartAndStopTween : MonoBehaviour {

//This is what I'm really interested in.
iTweenEvent.GetEvent(target, "Bounce").Play();

Thank You!

You don’t need to define the StartAndStopTween class, if you don’t want to. At least, from the snippet you show.

As for the iTweenEvent call, its just a regular function. Function calls are the same in both c# and js, as far as I know. Just make sure iTweenEvent is properly defined (because its not in this script, and its not a built-in thing, at least not in MY unity). And yeah, if you want code rewritten, give the whole code.