I've made a low poly world with non terrain assets and now I can't paint or mass place grass?

So I’ve bought low poly game objects to make my terrain and I’ve just found out there’s no way to use custom meshes with the terrain paint system? How am I supposed to cover vast amount of space with tree’s, grass and other details without using the terrain that ships with unity?

I really need a solution

Can you not make your terrain using the built in Terrain system, then place your bought assets on top of it? You can ‘paint’ custom trees and grass on a Terrain.

@ojl10 I’ve never face such an issue but here’s few quick solutions i could think of in case you are sure that unity’s default asset doesn’t work.

  1. search on the asset store for a good terrain creator that would accept you’re custom assets (such as gaia 1 of many options out there Gaia 2 - Terrain & Scene Generator | Terrain | Unity Asset Store).
  2. if the items are easy and all similar (such as grass for example) create a simple script that would instantiate to fill the map.
  3. if the items are more complex but you have a general idea of what a block could look like create few prefabs of a group of items and use the method 1 to spawn them
  4. if you want things to be more random create a script to randomly pick amount the items/pattern you place in the prefab than manually or programmatic ally fill you’re terrain.

I hope this helps. let me know if you need further assistance.