Jagged texture edges

I have encountered a problem with the jagged edges of particular set of semi-transparent textures.
Basically it looks like that:

I have tried many suggested solutions I’ve found both on the Forums and the Answers, but to no avail.

I tried changing the texture type from simple texture, to GUI and advanced with and without mipmaps. Changing the Filter mode or Max size also did not help.
I have tried different shaders for the material, but it similarly had no effect on the texture. I even used the PSD file with separated alpha channel, to see if it’s related to the white outline issue, but it also failed.

However, strangest thing is that after changing the color of the material, or even toggling the color picker or RGBA sliders in the Color window miraculously fixes the problem, although temporarily:

Of course after building the project the problem does not disappear, so it’s not just a display glitch in the scene/game viewport.

Does anyone have any idea what’s the cause of this behaviour or how to fix it? i’m out of ideas.

Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but I do this when I find out the solutions to your problems…years later. Anyway, I set filter mode to trilinear and it got rid of the jagged edges without framerate degradation. Who knows on mobile though. Guess I’ll have to test it out.