java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Landroid/support/v4/content/ContextCompat; - Unity Android Build Error

When I try to export my project Android build, I am getting this kind of error in debug log and my game get force closed on the spot.

Let me explain what I have done so I have started getting this error. Newly I have implemented AdMob Mediation within my game project.

So I have integrated Chartboost Mediation plugin within my project and from first to last I have followed this document:
Integrating Chartboost with Mediation

Additionally, I have added Chartboost.jar and android-support-v4.jar files within my Plugins/Android folder.

After doing these steps my project started crashing on start and before it was working fine because I have a backup of the previous version of my Unity project.

Here you have my project Build settings image:

Now I want to solve this problem so please guide some solution for this. I am available for all kinds of experiments.

Hi siddharth3322,

Did you find a solution to that problem? i’m having the exact same problem.