Java script Field of view

Hi. I'm using java script to create my game and i want to change the field of view in order to give the impression of zooming in.

var Normal_FOV = 90.0;
var Scoped_FOV = 45;

function Update () {
    if (input.GetButton("0")){
    if ( = Normal_FOV)){
        main.Camera(FOV = Scoped_FOV)
    else if ( = Scoped_FOV)){ = Normal_FOV)

This is the code I created but i dont think the FOV works. what is the correct term for Field Of View

field of view is Camera.fieldOfView. When in doubt about functions, variables, classes, etc., check the script reference.

You might find this question relevant. You should really search before asking for help.

That said, there is next to nothing about your code is syntactically correct for any of the languages used with Unity.