Javascript not being updated, variables being overridden, but C# is fine

I have a couple of Javascripts attached to some objects, but whenever I modify the script or override a variable, the game doesn’t pick up the changes. I’ve tried resetting the script, and even removing the variables from the inspector, but it still doesn’t work. Any clues as to what’s happening?

On the other hand, the C# scripts I use primarily work fine.

When you modify value of component field inside your script (through text editor), it wont be changed on prefab and game object on the scene.

You must first reset prefab (hierarchy window), then you can revert game object on the scene to prefab state. Dont forget to save your project. And most important - you must not do that while game is running, because EVERY change made while game is reverted after game stops to state right before game started.

If you are using both javascripts and C# scripts, that may cause the problem, it best to avoid using both JS and C#, just pick one language and use it for whole project.