JavaScript Or C# For 3d IPhone Game

Which, for a beginner is better for a 3d game for the iphone? C# or java. I want one that is easy for unity, and quick to learn. I need the basics first, but if you can provide advanced lessons for future references, that would be great. This is a simple question, but I really want to know! I know w3schools has some. I used them for the basics of HTML scripting. So yes, I do have experience with a kind of script, but I don't think that will help. Thanks!

I would say go with c# for the iPhone. Javascript is a little easier to pick up, but there is no little documentation on it outside of Unity resources - it's a unity specific language (as opposed to web javascript).

C# on the other hand is a well documented language, so plenty of good help around (e.g. msdn, stackoverflow, codeproject and the like)

Another reason for using c# is that on iPhone, javascript is coded very similarly to c# because iPhone doesn't allow dynamic binding, which makes it a little less easy to learn

To get started, I would just look through the wiki for examples in c#, and see how they're done - and if you want to, look around for basic c# tutorials (preferably ones which just deal with the language, not compiling) - this one seems relatively ok:

Please see this question: