javascript to C# conversion; prefab objects

Having some trouble converting to C#
here is the JS:

	if(bulletCounter > fireRate){
	var bulletPrefab = Instantiate(currentBullet, transform.position + Vector3(bulletPos,-0.25,0.01), Quaternion.Euler(0,180,0));
	if(direction == true){
	bulletPrefab.transform.rigidbody.velocity.x = bulletSpeed;

The problem is instantiating the prefab object. I’ve set it as a GameObject variable,
public GameObject bulletPrefab;

but this isn’t working…

Look at the unity documentation for Instantiate and check the c# dropdown box

In C#, you have to cast it to a type, so you’ll probably end up doing something like this:

 Gameobject bulletPrefab = Instantiate(
                currentBullet, transform.position +Vector3(bulletPos,-0.25,0.01), 
                Quaternion.Euler(0,180,0)) as GameObject;