JCar & FPS/TPS controller

I have setup a car model using the JCar controlled car and can drive around my scene.

I am trying to parent my FPS/TPS controller (FPSC) to the JCar on a key press (“e”) and then unparent using the same key. A box collider on the JCar acts as a trigger for the parenting when the FPSC is close enough. I do have a transform.parent in my script, however for some reason it doesn’t seem to have any effect whatsoever on either gameobject. A second issue is that by default the JCar controller is active, which means that when I use the navigation keys to move the FPSC the JCar moves also. So I have to “outrun” the car before I can parent to it, which isn’t a very good system!

Here is my script:

public var isDriving : boolean;

public var car;

public var fpc;

public var carcam;

public var fpccam;

car = GameObject.FindWithTag(“car”);

fpc = GameObject.FindWithTag(“player”);

carcam = GameObject.FindWithTag(“carcam”);

fpccam = GameObject.FindWithTag(“playercam”);

function OnTriggerEnter (col : Collider) {

if (isDriving == false) { isDriving = true; GetIn(); } }

function Update() {

if ((Input.GetKeyDown(“e”)) && ((isDriving) == true)) { isDriving = false; GetOut(); } }

function GetIn() {

fpc.transform.parent = car.transform;

fpc.GetComponent(“CharacterMotor”).enabled = false;

fpc.GetComponent(“FPSInputController”).enabled = false;

car.GetComponent(“JControlledCar”).enabled = true;

carcam.enabled = true;

fpccam.enabled = false; }

function GetOut() {

fpc.transform.parent = null;

fpc.GetComponent(“CharacterMotor”).enabled = true;

fpc.GetComponent(“FPSInputController”).enabled = true;

car.GetComponent(“JControlledCar”).enabled = false;

carcam.enabled = false; fpccam.enabled = true; }


Can anybody see what I am doing wrong? I have been trying to resolve this for a few days now :frowning:

The easiest way I found to do this would be:

A) Parent the controller to your Jcar vehicle when they enter a collider/disable it’s mesh renderer and collider

B) Switch off the controller and cameras with GetKey

Hope this helps!