Jettery camera itween Path

I have a truck with a camera inside the cab showing all the different types of radios. I have a gui that you click to take down each path depending on which radio you choose. The itween paths work and it flows well, the issues comes in when I attach a script to the camera to make it look to a cube that i have animating using moveto. I couldn’t figure out how to rotate the camera toward an object once the path ended so I use the

void Update () { transform.LookAt(target);


The target is the cube.

This works but he camera is jittery as it travels down the path to look at the cube. If I take off the LookAt script, the camera runs smooth but the camera is not looking at the object. There is no colliders on the box. Do you have any solutions?

Found my issue. I needed to put LateUpdate() as opposed to update();. Now it runs nice and smooth.