Jigsaw puzzle generating


My company is planning to make a jigsaw puzzle game but none of my result satisfies designer. The problem is there’s a border line around pieces which makes them like 3D but it’s actually 2D. What i tried is using color mask to cut the whole picture into pieces. There’re 2 cases i tried:

  1. The background has line but when i cut it, but the border line was not cut properly.
  2. The background and the line are separated, cut both then apply 2 layer on the scene => same result as first case.

I’m planning to try 3D with 3D pieces. But i still want to try 2D way but i need direction to solve the problem.


it will be better for to understand more if you offer some pictures, because we are discussing some art thing.

for me, each puzzle piece will be a GameObject with 2 2D image, one is a masked image, another one is on top of it adding fake lighting and shadow. the original image shouldn’t have any 3D effect